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See the article in the November 1999 issue of magazine.

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Sound On Sound
August, 2000

March, 2000,
July, 2000, &
June, 2004

An extremely comprehensive and technical two-part article: August & September, 2000
An article about marrying the score and film of the Ballet mécanique: September, 2002
About the National Gallery of Art installation: January 2007

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And go to these sites:

About Antheil

Les Amis de George Antheil
a fanzine — really! — in Paris,
by the wonderful pianist and musicologist
Guy Livingston with details of the Trenton, NJ
Antheil festival

OtherMinds' Antheil Photo Gallery
(thanks to the Wayback Machine)

Hedy Lamarr

G. Schirmer's Antheil page

The Antheil/Lamarr Patent

The Hedy Lamarr Foundation

an article in the April/May 2002 issue of

Mechanical Player Pianos

Yamaha Disklaviers

QRS player pianos

The Mechanical Music Digest

Automated Musical Instrument Collectors' Association

The Pianola Institute (UK)

MIDI, Bells, and Other Hardware


Edwards Bells

Kurzweil/Young Chang

Organizations Worth Knowing About

Unseen Cinema

Other Minds

The Acoustical Society of America

The University of Massachusetts Lowell
program in Sound Recording Technology

Other Cool Stuff

Ballet Technique
a "Web art" tribute to the Ballet mécanique
by Claire Dinsmore

Kyle Gann's Conlon Nancarrow Web Page

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