November 13, 2009
Jordan Hall, Boston

presents Works by Varèse, Harrison, and Antheil

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the world premiere
of the original version of George Antheil's Ballet mécanique!

Featuring eight Yamaha upright Disklaviers, plus one AvantGrande and one DGT2,
the performance of Ballet mécanique drew a standing ovation
and four curtain calls for the conductor and the programmer.

and now it's on CD with
Antheil's Jazz Symphony,
on BMOP Sounds

said, "It was something to behold: digital technology as midwife to outrageous analog dreams....Antheil’s score has not lost its ability to harass and delight the senses with its sheer audacity. Friday’s performance produced a glorious din, with vast sheets of machine-tooled rhythm, interwoven layers of cacophony, and sudden gaps of ghostly silence." READ THE REVIEW and a PREVIEW

said, "The provocative intent here was to throw the brutal energy of modern life in the face—more specifically, the ears—of its beneficiaries, at the highest decibel level....A highly composed, thoroughly worked-out, fully satisfying hoot of a piece. Rose and his team, abetted by Prof. Lehrman controlling the sirens with a Wii remote, brought it all off with precision, panache and a glorious flourish. READ THE REVIEW and an interview with Paul Lehrman

said, " enterprising an undertaking as the season will offer, and the result was a dazzling success." READ THE REVIEW

And the Boston posted a great photo album
(click on any image to see the whole album)

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